Welcome to Pittsburgh Saxophone Lessons Online!

Pittsburgh Saxophone Lessons provides private music
instruction to students of all ages and levels in the P
region. This website is designed to introduce
visitors to our services and the details, goals, and benefits
of  private music instruction.  

Private lessons are widely recognized as the most effective
way for students to improve their instrumental skills.  
Working with a professional instructor provides the
beginning musician with an opportunity to acquire a solid
foundation in their instrument and improves the more
advanced student’s ability to perform with a high level of
confidence and skill.  

At Pittsburgh Saxophone Lessons it is our hope that
students not only grow musically but in other areas of
their lives as well.  Over the last decade, research has shown
many correlations between music education and a high level of performance in other subjects
such as language and math.  In addition to improving academic achievement, involvement in music
has been shown to increase self-confidence and social skills, while providing an outlet
for individual expression.  

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Pittsburgh Saxophone Lessons
Jane K. Grover
Owner & Instructor